Infytq 2020 Certification program is an examination to test your industry readiness by determining your knowledge in Programming and Databases and final year students who will be graduating in 2021 are recruited. Due to Covid circumstances the things had gone differently this year.


1.Infosys Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational…

Few Interesting results of this model

We all know facial emotions play a vital role in our day-to-day life. so, we need a system which is capable of recognizing our facial emotions and able to act accordingly. Well, Today we are going to build a deep learning model using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Step 1 : Data Preprocessing

Download the data set…

Harry potter Invisible cloak

In childhood almost every one amazed with this harry potter cloak because it makes him invisible.What if you also can do it? Well,Today we make this magical cloak using python.

Lets See How It Actually Works

Here I am using red cloth and u can use any color cloth.The …

Face mask Detection

Step 1 : Pre-processing the data

The data set consists of images with mask and without mask. Take two lists named withmask and withoutmask and append all the images of withmask and wihout mask in to the lists respectively. you can download the dataset from below link.

import oswith_mask = []
image_path = r'/content/drive/My Drive/Colab…

Syed Shoyab

Data Science Enthusiastic and Python Lover .

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